Jeongseon Dong-won Coal Mine 정선 동원탄광

The Dong-won coal mine in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do, closed in 2004.  It was the last coal mine in the province.  But for me, its lasting importance can be found in 1980 when over 6,000 workers and their families went on strike for better working conditions.  The strike became violent injuring 160 and killing one policeman.

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Songdo 송도, a modern ghost town

Songdo is a "Smart City" recently built on reclaimed land from the Yellow Sea.  It is an international free economic zone and its development has centered around green and sustainable living.  It is quite beautiful and seems quite convenient; however, no one is here.

I hesitate to call this experiment in planned city building a failure as more businesses, investments, and universities will be moving here soon.  However, right now, being devoid of people, it is strange to see.

Much has been written about Songdo, and my opinions are complicated so I will keep this short and let the photos speak for themselves.